Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

My first Fathers Day was a success I had a great day with my Daddy!

I am super fast!

I went for a run with Mommy Hunter & Harley. It was hard work pushing the stroller and holding two dogs. I love that I can take him with me but if anyone knows a really good running stroller please let me know. I like this stroller but it is really stiff so I am open for suggestions. For now I think Stone will stay with MeMe while mommy takes Hunter & Harley for a run.

I finally got in the pool!

We were at a company party for West Texas and I finally got in the pool and I didn't cry the water was 90 degrees. I had so much fun but my Pops was splashing me and mommy. Daddy came and got in the pool with me also we had so much fun.