Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Play Dates!

Tonight I went swimming with my Meme and Papa we went to The Duncan's house to swim and have pizza.
The Duncan's have a granddaughter named Duncan and she played with me she is so cute.

This is my friend Cole he was born one day before me and he came to work to see me today with his sister Ava.
I had so much fun I can't wait until next summer when we can go swimming with the mermaids at my Gigis house.

First Parade

We went to the first River Oaks Circle Parade we don't live over in River Oaks but The Jarrett's do and they invited us to walk with them. Stone had a good time maybe next year we will drive one of the cool battery operated Hummers. Gigi thinks we need one the kids looked like they were having so much fun driving them.