Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Turkey Leg!

Only a grandmother would let her Grandson have a turkey leg while she is wearing a white shirt. We had thanksgiving lunch at The McMinn's it was so nice and relaxing Stone got to run in Grandaddy's shop it is the best floor around and believe it or not he did not go close to all of those motorcycles. Great Gramp's and Stone were checking out all those dogs they are so
funny. When we got home Stone was so sleepy he got in Mommy's bed to watch a movie and fell asleep before I could turn it on. Stone also got his very first Christmas ornaments from his Meme and his Great Gram they are the only ornaments on our tree but I will fill it up tomorrow.

Who are you calling a turkey!

I think when we are children we think of holidays as spending time with our crazy family. Then the older we get we realize they aren't as crazy as we once thought they were. Then we become adults and we realize they are really pretty fun and smart and we end up respecting them more and more for setting good examples and for touching our lives for all of those years even when we thought they were crazy. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my crazy family who I love so much to be around and spend time with I am so thankful we got to spend the night at the ranch. I am also so very thankful for Stone we worked really hard to have him and he is the best thing that ever happened to us. Greg asked me if I had to tell someone how much I loved Stone what would you say. I can't no words can describe the way I feel for him.