Monday, September 8, 2008

Wild weekend!

Greg went to The Kikers for the weekend to build a waterfall so at the last minute we decided to go stay at Carolyns so we could see her and Jaxsons room. On Sat I got packed and ready to go and Carolyn called and said "My water just broke we are going to the hospital". Now Zanne and Carolyn both live in Mansfield so my plans were to see both of them well it turns out I got to stay at Zanne's with Addy and Brycen and I got to see The Baby Jaxson Bradford as his daddy would say. Look how cute all of those little soccer players are.... (soon to be soccer players all except Addy she just started soccer. Brycen is so cute he just loves Stone last weekend he wasn't real sure about him but this weekend he thought he was great. Princess Addy loves him too. So we had a great weekend it was just really short. Thanks Zanne for letting us stay with you.