Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little cowboy!

He stayed up late and didn't sleep good at school so when I wanted him to take a picture with Ava Kate he threw a fit & he wanted to go home. Sleepy boy.
Ava Kate is such a cute cupcake.

Chano was yelling at Stone to put his guns up.
Bobby, Stone & Daddy shooting a Mario toy from McDonalds. I have a box of old McDonalds toys at my moms and some of them are really old but Stone loves to drag them out & play with them. So as Mario would jump they would shoot him. And this was so funny.
Trick or Treat & yes he actually went up to some houses I was so impressed because at first he did not want to.
No I wont smile I am opening my candy.
Gigi's Halloween tradition homemade donuts. We ate way too many donuts and at about 8:15 Stone was a sleep in the car. I would say it was a fun day and he got to spend most of the day with Daddy and they had so much fun.