Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stone is 11 months old!

I am happy to say Stone made it he is 11 months old. I thank god that we made to 11 months after yesterday. Let me draw you a picture started off as a normal wed. we are at work we have lunch and Stone is in his walker playing in Gigi's office doing great. Well he got tired of that so he decided to come to my door but his walker is too wide it wont go through the door so he is mad I pick him up he doesn't want to play in the floor or watch little einstein's so I let him help me open some boxes. So I am in catcher position by the box and he is in-between my legs and I have a pair of 6th grade art class scissors in my hand. Let me remind you these are not teacher scissors dull 6th grade art class. So a few of our guys at work are walking out to the car they bend down and talk to Stone so he turns and looks at them and I turn to look at his face to see if he is smiling. At that very moment I am cutting the box open and having a hard time because they are do dull he puts the top of his finger in the scissors and I cut it off. Neither of us are looking at the scissors I look up blood is everywhere I grab him and hold his finger I am screaming for mom to tell me where to go so she said go to the ER I will call Dr. Wiley so KC my sister grabs my bag and keys Stone and I are in the back seat. Now I have given my sister a hard time for 10 years about her driving but today she could have been a nascar driver she was honking at people and passing them in the turning lane it was great. SO we get to Dr. Wiley's and they take us right in now I am thinking I took the top of his finger off because I didn't look at it the nurse takes the paper towel off and it was from the bottom of the nail to the top of the nail slanted up and across the finger tip. I call Greg instantly and tell him to hurry because I am about to pass out. He walks right in and I sit down I am crying and so is Stone it is the worst feeling in the word. So they send us the the ER we go right in and wait for 5 hours until Dr Diamani a plastic surgeon can get him in and fix his finger. He was in surgery about 45 min. they said he did great he woke up we got to see him and we finally got to come home at 12 p.m. At this point I am promising to buy Stone a pony anything he wants I am buying I feel horrible it was the worst day ever. So at 12 p.m taking a baby home from the hospital what do you feed him? Anything he wants so powdered sugar donuts it is and it is all over my car and I don't even care. Our parents took care of the dogs and dinner it was so nice to have some help but it was still the worst day for me Stone was a champ and the nurses loved him but I felt like the worst mommy in the world. But we woke up this morning and he was smiling and wanted me to hold him and we played in the bath and he is great he is perfect. So the lesson is no matter how dull the scissors appear to be don't open anything around your baby... (Greg told me it didn't take a 3rd grader to figure that out but it was a freak thing and sometimes freak things happen even to the best control freak.)