Monday, April 29, 2013

Mr. Slate at 18 months

Dear Slate I do not want to forget all the fun things you are doing at 18 months.
What can you say?
Mama, Da Da, Bubba, Me, G, Duck, truck, Iced Tea,Moon, More. Adi os By By, BB, Ba Boo
What animals do you know?
Cow, Puppy, Sheep, Duck, Lion
You love to climb on tables and attempt to jump off.
We found you on the table with a plastic knife in the peanut butter jar. Yes I let you eat it you worked hard to get up that chair.
You can throw very well you can kick. You stand in a wrestlers stance and it is too cute. You love to hit and kick and that might be because you see brother at Tae Kwon Do.
Your laugh is like a mad scientist and it makes everyone laugh because it is so cute. You are on the go go go all day unless you are taking a nap. You do not like to wake up at the pool store until you find me and if I am gone you are not a happy camper. That doesnt happen very often.  You have your mommy's temper you throw things and you throw fits and arch your back when you are mad. I think you are tired of milk I must say you made it a lot longer than Stone. You love your Ba Boo and your BB and you are a little love bug. Your tough and you had your ingrown toe nail cut out last friday and didnt even act like you cared. We love you this is a fun busy age.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter & Tae Kwon Do and Baseball

 Me, Matt & Josh
 Slate Bobby and EB aka Kaycee
 Egg fight
 Easter at the star ranch

 Testing for his Green belt

 Kick it Stone

 Baseball for The Hurricanes

I took these cuties to play games