Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

This is my disclaimer: If Greg knew I posted these he would die but he never looks at this so I am ok. The house is coming along we have moved in but we are not finished so this is a few pictures for those of you have asked for them. The kitchen we need to stain the cabinets so we can bring the rest of our appliances in.
Stone's room: no that door should not be in this picture. Wish I could get a good picture of the ceiling Susan came in and painted the ceiling with glow in the dark paint. We all lay in the floor at night and look at the stars. Stone loves it I had her put his name on the ceiling and the little dipper and some shooting stars. He has about 1,000 stars on the ceiling.
The living room the fire place is not finished and you can see Greg cut a pattern in the floor that will be a different color.
Stone's shower
Allison it is much better than when you were in A-town