Friday, April 15, 2011

Not just any motorcycle t-shirt.

Yes it does say Big Brother on it.
This is a picture of all my embryo's I do have three left they are frozen in Lubbock. So here is our story. In July I was ready to thaw out our last embryo that had been frozen for three years from our in-vitro with Stone. I knew it might not be the time but I was ready, and it is funny how God doesn't really care what you want because he knows what you need instead. So we thawed it out and it made the freeze only like 30% make it. We implanted it and waited 11 days we got the call and I was not pregnant I was crushed I didn't want to go through in-vitro again but guess what that wasn't the half of it. We went back to Lubbock to find out what to do next the story was I had baseball size cyst that was full of blood on my left ovary. Who knew that was suppose to be very painful? So we came home & scheduled surgery to have my insides drained and scraped. One month later I was ready to start in-vitro the bad news now is my cyst is back and it is now the size of a golf ball. So back on the pill for two months the cyst would not go away. Dr Dorsett said lets ignore the cyst and only use your right ovary and see what the medicine does. I took really well to all the meds with Stone so we were positive it would be great. In Feb we retrieved my eggs and I had 15 wow no wonder I looked like a balloon. After 6 days under a microscope Keith picked one perfect embryo that looked just like Stones did and we implanted it. After 13 days we got the call we were going to have another baby. We feel so blessed to be able to go through this process and we were thrilled Stone was going to be a big brother. He asks me everyday to see the baby and how big it is. This time it was a long process but so worth it. I know God always has a plan for us he does not say the journey will be fun he just says it will be fruitful. I know that infertility is becoming more popular and it is harder to get pregnant everyday many of my friends have been through the same situation. I have no idea what we will do with 3 frozen embryos we don't want 5 kids but this time when God is ready to tell us what to do with them I will be ready to listen.