Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday Month!

This is a picture from Halloween he is so small!
This is always a big month for birthday not only Stone but here is a list of our family & friends who celebrate this month. If I forget one don't get mad at me! Aubrey & Ava Kate Stone & Gramp's will be 1 & 84 on the 19th Zanne & Brad will be 30 & I think 27 on the 15th. My Papa's B-day was the 25th. We are about to start the Birthday week yes Stone will have a Birthday week I love birthday and Holidays more than most people my husband thinks I am a little weird because I make such a big deal out of birthdays. I have been planning Stone's for about a month and it is giving me an ulcer because, do I really think he will remember any of it no but I will. So the theme is a Pirates life for me I love pirates and sculls and all the fun stuff I can not wait we will have Stone's photo shoot with Stan at 8:00 where he will demolish his first cake. Then he will have a fun day with mom not sure if we will be at work well I guess we will be but it will be a day of nothing but fun for him. Oh my gosh he is growing too fast does anyone know how to freeze a one year old so they wont grow up too fast??? Zanne I know you love birthday week at your house so I know you are right here with me on all of this.

Wild weekend.

Yeah the Home & Garden show is over I am so tired! I love to sell spas I hated to leave Stone but Uncle David & Aunt Sharon spoiled him rotten and he had a great time so it was good for all of us. I wish I had some pictures of the show but I don't I will try to find a picture of Gregs waterfall it is beautiful and it is sold yeah! Sorry Meme but he said he would make you one that was even better. Have fun with Brad & Hannah!