Saturday, April 2, 2011

At age 3

At age 3 I was known to run out the front door cross two streets so I could go to Kristi Moore's house and play. Then my mom would run down the street to see if I was at Kristi's because I was not suppose to be crossing streets obviously or leaving the house.
On Fri. I was in our bedroom on the phone with sudden link when I walked into the living room Stone was nowhere to be found. I glanced at the back door it is unlocked I am on the phone still. I look at the dog run the gate is wide open so I know he has let Hunter out. I walk out past the gate that is 100 ft from the back of the house to find my 3 yr. old on this skid loader. SO the good thing is his daddy does not leave the key in the skid loader. If I had not been on the phone I would have blistered his bottom but because I was on the phone I said we do not go outside without your mommy or daddy and he quickly responds but I put my boots on...... Wow payback is what they say.