Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We are in trouble!

Stone is growing so fast I want to tell you some of his new tricks!
He gives kisses.
He points the remote at the TV and pushes all the buttons.
He takes your keys to the door and tries to put them in the lock.
He can drive his gator in reverse if he sits on the Reverse lever and slams on the gas while holding onto the wheel.(very scary)
He tries to test water at the water lab and wants to run credit cards for our customers at work of course.
Picks up the windex and tries to wash the glass doors.
He moo's at the cows as we are driving down the highway.
He rubs his blanket under his neck while he sleeps just like his mommy still does this is genetic and a little scary to me.
He pushes the speaker button on the phone to talk to Gigi at work she loves this..
He loves daddy's cell phone because he can scan through the pictures and then he holds it to his ear and talks on it.
As I watch him grow up so fast I know why people keep having lots of kids. They are so cute and so fun. Lots of kids we will not have but this kid we love so very much. Stone will be 16 months on the 19th and Da Do will be 31!