Monday, May 24, 2010

26 Months & 31 wowour

I am much more excited to say Stone is 26 months than to say I am 31 but I guess I will get over it. A friend of mine said aren't you glad to be in your 30's because when you say I am 30 people say your still young but now I can say I am in my 30's... Kristi I am not digging it. So my day started out early at work and then lunch & gifts always Chick-Fil-A and dinner at my moms it is my tradition and I don't like to mix it up. I am very predictable when it comes to my one day.

I stole this idea from a friend of mine it is a picture of all the important women in my life and I think it is really awesome to see all the generations of hands in this photo and one special little boy.

Cool kitchen gifts from Spice in Waco... From the Jones's
We train them young.
Greg got me a bunch of hand blown glass balls I am not keeping all of them but he is going to build me something special out of them in our new house. Of course he wanted to see if them would float in the pool & they do. They remind me of a little Happy I received from a friend of mine from Mississippi.