Friday, January 9, 2009

Runaway Dog!

Yesterday I took Stone, Hunter & Harley for a run. We were doing great Stone was laughing and talking to the dogs so we get to Musgrave & Chimney Rock. Harley decides to stop to tinkle so Hunter stops well in the mean time Harley starts to run and Hunter is not ready so she starts to come out of her harness. So I am stuck do I let go of Stone? Well I did and he started rolling towards Chimney Rock so I grab him try to grab Hunter but it was too late. She takes off down Chimney Rock and I am standing yelling at her. Thank the lord a nice couple was taking a walk and she ran right to them. So they saw me running towards them and Hunter was just licking all over them. I was so thankful for them. That is my first of many crazy events to come. Running two Jack Russell's and pushing a baby stroller is a challenge if you see me running don't honk at me it will give me a heart attack I have too much going on already.