Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stone your Chariot awaits you!

Stone & I went for a run yesterday in his new Bob Ironman stroller I promise you he laughed for the first mile. I think he might have thought he was being pulled by Hunter & Harley because they were running in-front of him. We also tried his new Baby Rock Star Stroller and it was so great I must say he travels in style. His new Hummer & dune buggie are great he hasn't figured out how to make them move yet but he will figure it out.

Christmas Eve!

We went to Stones first Christmas Eve service he did really good. Then we went to Oleta's for dinner and presents Stone got the cutest bag from The Ponders and his new ride the Hummer and his feet can't touch the floor in it yet but he will get there. It was a fun night and I don't know who was more excited for Santa Stone or Daddy!