Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mom Op

On our way to work everyday we pass the fire station. Stone loves fire trucks and every time he says mom op (open) will the door be open so we can see the fire trucks or not! If they are closed he says minute yes they will open the door but we will be at work. Now he says all closed or nope door closed so cute. So Greg and I took him to the fire station so he could sit in a fire truck & he loved it.

We have signed Stone up for a summer program at Aldersgate & mothers day out in the fall. They had a spring fling so we crashed the party to see if we liked what we saw. And as you can tell I think he will love it. Ask me about lunch time & nap time & I am not so sure.

He did not like the horse but Daddy made him ride it.
Meme went to Canton & brought home a bubble gun & he loves it.