Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stone Are those new boots?

Fun at Primetime
Stone did you get new boots?
Stone what happened to your pants?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Blessed this holiday

Merry Christmas
My toy box made by Uncle Brad & Aunt Hannah
Plasma Car thanks Great Gram
Aunt Sharon & Aunt Dava (Uncle David) got Stone a cool plate & fork & spoon set construction of course.
Chuggington Loop

Hunter & Harley got new toys
Santa delivered his fire truck
Decorating cookies & a birthday cake for Jesus

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

This is my disclaimer: If Greg knew I posted these he would die but he never looks at this so I am ok. The house is coming along we have moved in but we are not finished so this is a few pictures for those of you have asked for them. The kitchen we need to stain the cabinets so we can bring the rest of our appliances in.
Stone's room: no that door should not be in this picture. Wish I could get a good picture of the ceiling Susan came in and painted the ceiling with glow in the dark paint. We all lay in the floor at night and look at the stars. Stone loves it I had her put his name on the ceiling and the little dipper and some shooting stars. He has about 1,000 stars on the ceiling.
The living room the fire place is not finished and you can see Greg cut a pattern in the floor that will be a different color.
Stone's shower
Allison it is much better than when you were in A-town

Monday, December 6, 2010

Disney World

Gingerbread house in The Grand Floridian
Hollywood Studio Party

Pictures from our Great Gatsby Party

Magic Kingdom

Sunday, December 5, 2010


This is the hallway going into Stones room and his carpet. Our home is getting closer to being finished and Greg's vision is all coming together he has gotten a lot of slack for how long this project has taken. But the end result will be worth it. I pray we move in a week or so I have started moving a few things so I can see the end. More pictures to come.
Holly, Britt & Uncle Dava as Stone calls him at the ranch on Thanksgiving.
Mom & I way too early

Gramps & Stone last Thanksgiving. This year I am thankful for family Glenn went home to be with the lord Thanksgiving morning he had been suffering from cancer and some other problems. We will miss him so much but we are Thankful for the 83 years that we were honored to love him. We will always remember him and love him. We all know this life on earth is not forever and he can party in heaven with his brother & his parents we love you Gramps and you will be greatly missed.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little cowboy!

He stayed up late and didn't sleep good at school so when I wanted him to take a picture with Ava Kate he threw a fit & he wanted to go home. Sleepy boy.
Ava Kate is such a cute cupcake.

Chano was yelling at Stone to put his guns up.
Bobby, Stone & Daddy shooting a Mario toy from McDonalds. I have a box of old McDonalds toys at my moms and some of them are really old but Stone loves to drag them out & play with them. So as Mario would jump they would shoot him. And this was so funny.
Trick or Treat & yes he actually went up to some houses I was so impressed because at first he did not want to.
No I wont smile I am opening my candy.
Gigi's Halloween tradition homemade donuts. We ate way too many donuts and at about 8:15 Stone was a sleep in the car. I would say it was a fun day and he got to spend most of the day with Daddy and they had so much fun.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Mr. Stone

Mr Stone you amaze me everyday. You learn so quickly and you are so funny. You have finally given up your poppy except at night time. You did not want to and still ask your mommy for it daily but funny that you wont ask anyone else if you can have it. Secretly I loved poppy as much as you did and it weren't for people pulling it out of your mouth and telling you that you were too old to have a poppy. Mommy would have let you keep it forever.
For all you Red Raider fans guns up we don't care either way.
This is part of our cowboy costume for Halloween now if he will wear it that is another story. Stone is not into dressing up but he sure likes to shoot his guns so we will see come Halloween.
31 Times I have taken a photo of you in this chair and I love to see how big you have gotten from month to month.
If I can not find you that is a clue a clue that you are in a funny place doing something funny. Like watching TV on my bed in a laundry basket. Silly boy oh how I love you and this age is so fun. Some of your favorite things to say. I can do it all mines self.
Mommy turn on some musc ic lets listen to some mac and row (rock & roll).

Sunday, October 17, 2010

1 St Try not so good!

After only a one hour nap we tried to take cute pictures with Jaxson at The Pumpkin Patch. I tried to bribe him with candy nothing worked he would not smile and he wanted to go home so we did. But we got to go to play with Jaxson that night and it was a much better time.

Jaxson, Deloris & Ken

Stone sit with Jaxson No