Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Daddy's Little Devil

We are finally getting to wear our skull shoes and mommy is so excited. I love shoes and it is really funny how I could buy shoes for him all the time but I hesitate to buy them for myself, well maybe not running shoes.

6 1/2 Month Shots.

Papa Clyde you missed my shots again. We got to Dr. Wiley's office and I told him Stone was still pulling on his right ear Rob said we have gone from a cold to a sinus infection and he has an ear infection in his right ear. So we got four shots and a prescription for ammoxacillin and let me just say he was still a happy baby until about 1:30 when he woke up and couldn't breath out his nose so he couldn't chew on his poppy so dada fixed him up in the bad while mommy slept I love having a husband that is a night owl. Papa Clyde I took this picture for you no it isn't a picture of him after his shots. Lets just say I went through three diapers in one hour. Hope all is well in B town. This is my first taste of a noodle and I am not real sure about it.

1st time at Market Center & North Park

Mom and I took Stone to Market to shop we also went to North Park to shop and eat at P.F. Changs.
Stone was really good both days he is such a happy boy we are so blessed for that. At Market the lady informed us we couldn't take the stroller in so that was an adventure Stone road on the scooter with Gigi. Stone also figured out how to push the controls so he and Gigi would peel out on random occasions but he did have his first Krispi Kreme donut and then he threw it up all over a table in one of the shops so we bought the candle.