Friday, January 1, 2010

Stone words!

Stone has so many new word's everyday and I love it he is sucking his poppy less each day I feel like he is growing up so fast.
I wanted to remember some of his new words for this month so here they are.
Uh Oh! Tooth Paste
Chez it! Cheeze, tea
Ba Ba is football, soccer, basketball any kind of ball
New Years Eve he said pool how fitting plus jacket.
Kitchen & chichen
Nunner is Hunter Hawe us Harley he loves his Dogs.
My dad is Pee Paw but this month he has decided to call him Bobby & it is so funny.
He can say Grandaddy and Meme.
Mo is mustard and he likes to eat it with his fingers.
Yoyo is yogurt. Nack is snack. Pee pee is pizza.
Chip sounds more like a bad word but he loves them and would eat them all day if we would let him. No nut is donut & he loves them also.
Loves to brush his teeth
Tractor & fire trucks are his favorite things
He knows these animals and what noises they make. Cat, dog, cow, lion. giraff, elephant, chicken, duck, fish, zebra.
In sign language he can sign more, all done, jump
I really do not like the work no so I say Hey well now he said hey and he thinks it is really funny. Needless to say that didn't work out like I thought it would. So he will probably grow up thinking his name is Stone Bradley. Poor kid.
He is such a great little boy he is going to be 2 in March & his mommy's temper is starting to shine through. I guess they don't call it the terrible 2's for nothing.
We had a great 2009 and we expect 2010 will be just as great Happy New Years.