Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slate Beckum

I would show you the nursery but it has my king size bed in it and I pray we get carpet in the next week or two so I can set up his bed and get all the furniture set up. We are frantically trying to finish this house but we did hang a few things last night.
First outfit from Aunt Sharon from our favorite shop on Waco Plum.

Summer funny!

We have had a fun and wild summer. First for our dogs Hunter has a huge tumor in her throat and they can not fix it so about once a month we think today is her last day. Well happy to say she is up and going for a run with Harley and I everyday. Now Harley got bit by a rattle snake and well you can see how it went. Stone has been to lots of B-day parties and has had lots of fun. We start St. Johns on Tuesday I am so excited his teachers sound great and the aide in his class was one of his teachers last year at Aldersgate. Plus Hailey and Grant are both in his class so this is going to be a fun year.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer time fun

Putt Putt with Ava Kate

I love this face she is so cute.
I love this photo Kara made and I can not wait until she does photos for Slate.