Monday, February 2, 2009

You can't beat what you can't catch!

I remember the day I went to West Texas A&M to see if I wanted to play college soccer. The coach I had known for about 5 years and he always told me I know you are fast but you really need some meat on your bones if you want to play college soccer. In my mind I knew that was true but I always told myself you can't beat what you can't catch. As a freshman at HSU I weighed 100 lbs. and ya know what that coach was wrong you really can't beat what you can't catch. This is one of the many shirts on this quilt Meme made for me some of theses shirts are from 1992 soccer. As you can see my favorite number is 5! I love this quilt it brings back so many memories. Zanne look at the shirt from when we played on lightning we were like 11 when we went to the gatorade tournament. The funniest shirt is the guy trapping the ball and it looks like it is going through his stomach I wore that shirt so much it had mud stains on the back. Thanks Meme I love it.

Child Labor!

We don't really teach kids this young to mop the floor... But Stone loves all poles Gigi's cane anything he shouldn't grab he wants to grab so today it was the mop.